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Important Notice: AGIF National Youth Scholarship Contest

Chairwomen, attached you will find the official entry form and instructions for AGIF Nationa Youth Scholarship Contest contestants. Please forward to your State Youth Chairs, local Chairwomen and local Youth Chairs to make the information available and give the youth the opportunity to compete at the National conference.
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State Board of Directors Met in Corpus February 28–

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: (Austin, Texas) This is a brief update on the American GI Forum Board of Directors meeting in Corpus Christi on Saturday, February 28, 2015 at the LULAC Hall on Holly Road.

State Commander John Martinez declared a quorum and after a welcome by host Tina Olivares. The event was well attended and the Coastal Bend Women hosted an excellent meeting with a catered meal for all attendees. A financial and a State of the State report confirmed that all is well according to State Executive Gil Rodriguez. His report which was approved.  Read more>




American GI Forum News

Conference Update:
2015 Conference: Commander’s Message

Greetings FORUMEERS, WOMEN, YOUTH, FAMILY, and FRIENDS: Congratulations State Office for hosting a fabulous 67th Annual State Conference of the American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. held at our Texas capitol city of Austin.  A BIG THANKS !! to Gil and Lupe for our Conference coordinators. Everything was PERFECT!! More> Photos>

Conference Update:
2015 American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Conference is now History

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The State Commander and officers have declared a successful 2015 Conference at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Austin. With this we report to all that the conference was indeed a success. Good Attendance, Speakers were all enlightening, informative, entertaining and enjoyable; the hotel managers were helpful attentive and staff performed well. Lupe Rodriguez, Finance Chair and Gil Rodriguez, Conference Chair informed us that the entire conference did well, see photos here and the Committee did an excellent job of coordinating this event. Read More>

Antonio ‘Tony’ Gil Morales Honored at American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Conference

American GI Forum of Texas Report: AUSTIN, Texas Tony Morales has devoted much of his adult life to this organization. He has served in many capacities–as member officer and mentor since 1961. Tony is a Cold War Veteran, served in the Air Force. After being honorably discharged and along with other early Mexican-American Veteran leaders was a trailblazer of the Mexican-American Veteran Civil Right’s Movement. First in Texas and later Nationally. More> 

 State Commander Vazquez Contes:
AGIF National Mid-year in Colorado Springs, March, 2016

American GI Forum of Texas Report: Colorado Springs, CO–The American GI Forum of the U.S and the American GI Forum of Colorado extends a cordial invitation to all members, their families and friends, throughout the nation to the 2016 National Mid-Year Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado also known as the Rocky Mountain State.

The 2016 AGIF National Mid-Year conference will convene to discuss issues, set policies and execute programs to enhance our awareness of military issues that is crucial to our nation and our veterans across the country. More>

U.S. Army Birthday!

The U.S. Army celebrated its 240th birthday June 14. Take a moment to recognize the past 240 years of service of the soldiers, families and civilians who committed to serve the United States

  AGIF Nation

American GI Forum National Conference in San Francisco, California, Jul 30-Aug 1, 2015

American GI Forum of Texas Report: AUSTIN, Texas – This is an update on the AGIF 2015 National Conference that will be taking place in San Francisco, Callifronia July 30 - August 1, 2015. Please make plans to attend. Duane Goff, California State Commander has sent the following information inviting everyone to attend and to look for updates on the Conference Web Site. More>

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2015 California State Conference Honors the Greatest Generation WWII Veterans

American GI Forum of Texas Report: Whittier, CA – The California 2015 State Conference was a huge success, with outstanding speakers and the splendid food served by the catering service. The conference facility and charming decor organized by the El Camino Real Chapter and reflected the conference theme, "Tribute to the Greatest Generation WWII Veterans". More>

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